Medal Tests

1. Candidates may enter Medal Tests only through a QUALIFIED TEACHER of DANCING who is a member of an ASSOCIATION which is affiliated to the BRITISH DANCE COUNCIL.
The gaining of an award must not be used for advertising purposes and carries NO TEACHING QUALIFICATION.

2. a) Allied members desiring to conduct a MEDAL TEST should contact the MEDAL SECRETARY of the Branch concerned giving 28 DAYS notice.
b) Ask your MEDAL SECRETARY for the APPROXIMATE number of application forms.
c) State the Date on which you require the EXAMINER to attend.
e) Type or use Block Letters on Entry Forms.
f) ALL MEDALS must be taken in strict rotation from BRONZE upwards. Candidates who have GOLD OR ABOVE medals with another Society may commence at GOLD MEDAL GRADE.

3. Medals are divided into 2 age groups. JUNIOR Candidates under 16 years. ADULT Candidates 16 years and over.

4. a) Juniors having taken PREMIER AWARD can commence ADULT TESTS at GOLD GRADE.
b) Juniors can take up to GOLD GRADE dancing SOLO.

5. LADIES of any age can dance as GENTLEMAN, but it must be stated on Report Form 'LADY DANCING AS MAN'.

6. Candidates may dance with Professional or Amateur Partners.

Qualified Teachers of Dancing who are not Members of ALLIED DANCING ASSOCIATION must pay all TRAVEL EXPENSES to the Examiner on the day of the Tests.
NOTE: The Council expect that all Medal Routines up to and including Gold Standard Should consist of Syllabus Figures only. As from Gold Bar additional figures can be added at Teachers' discretion.